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Aggressive Financial Goal Workbook

Tired of setting financial goals that you can never seem to reach? Get this workbook and start planning actionable steps, tracking your progress, and building better habits. Click here to grab your own

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Love Your Budget Course

Learn how to create a budget you love and can stick to long-term with this interactive video course. It includes 4 core modules and several bonuses. Learn more and enroll here


Make Your Credit Score Soar

Want to raise your credit score by 100+ points? This 90-minute workshop will teach you the strategies and action steps you need to take. Learn more

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Debt Free Christmas Challenge Workbook

Uncover the joy of the holidays without uncovering a mountain debt. This workbook will help you save money, track holiday spendning pay for gifts in cash, and more. Grab your workbook here

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Budget Beyond Your Paycheck Bundle

You have the power to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. Grab the Budget Beyond Your Paycheck worksheet bundle and start managing your finances on your terms. Grab your workbook here

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Save Thousands on Your Dream Wedding

Planning your dream wedding but want to do it on a budget? I did it! My 56-page e-guide can help you plan a dream wedding that you can afford debt-free. The strategies mentioned in this guide will help you save thousands. Grab your copy here

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Reclaim Your Money 4-Day Challenge

You have the ability to give yourself a $2,400 – $3,600+ annual raise this year. Take the 4-day Reclaim Your Money Challenge to gain key strategies to help you embrace frugality and put more money back in your household.


10 Ways to Feel More Financially Confident TODAY

There are a lot of us who don’t feel as financially confident as we should. When it comes to women, 30% said they were spending more each month than they wanted to and 50% said they don’t feel confident in their finances. Download this free guide for 10 proven ways to feel more financially confident TODAY.


How to Make Money With Focus Groups - Earn $100+ Per Hour

Your opinion is worth more than you think. My husband and I earn anywhere from $100 – $500 by attending focus groups (locally and online) and sharing our thoughts and opinions. Use this guide to teach you how to jumpstart this easy and profitable side hustle. Grab your e-guide here.

Guide to Saving 50% of Your Income

Saving 50% of your income doesn’t have to be as far fetched as it might seem. In this guide, I’m walking you through the 6 key steps I took to save 50% of my income when I was only earning around $40,000 per year. Ready to save more and have your money work for you? Grab the guide here.

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